The Last Thing You Should Worry About Is Writing Press Releases

Yes, that’s right! At Prompt Proofing we think that writing press releases is one of the last things you should need to worry about and that’s why we are happy to do it for you. Press_ReleaseWe know what’s involved in running a business and the best thing for any business owner is to know when to delegate, giving themselves time to do what they excel at.

I’ve learned over the years the wisdom of hiring professionals to do jobs I can’t do at all (build a website/work on my car engine/fix plumbing, etc.), jobs I can do if needs be but that are very time consuming and generally have a far better outcome if a professional does them (e.g. painting my house/tiling my bathroom) and occasionally jobs that I could do very well but aren’t necessarily the best use of my time at that moment (such as cleaning my house!). When I hire someone to paint a room – instead of doing it myself – I find that it is done in half the time it would take me and also that the end result is – I have to admit – superior. bigstock-Happy-Worker-Man-Holding-Paint-15120650Professional painters have the right equipment, the right experience and the expertise to complete a job to a high standard, in a timely fashion. As a result, I often find it worth the extra money to hire them.

Similarly, writing isn’t everyone’s favourite activity and – even if it is – as a small-business owner, it may well not be the best use of your time.

confused businessman

Professional writers have the expertise and experience and can generally produce effective results in far less time than it takes others.writing-fast

Press releases are important; not only do they give you a forum for letting people know of any major developments in your business, new products, special events, etc., they also help to drive traffic to your site and raise awareness of your brand. They are an essential part of any marketing plan, but they need to be done well. There is a formula to press release writing and press release distributors often have different requirements. At Prompt Proofing we know about these requirements and can write a release that is always accepted by distributors without any additional edits or changes. We also know that less is more. Ideally, press releases are between 250 and 350 words in length. Attention spans are short and longer releases are unlikely to be read. The idea of a press release is that it is a ‘teaser’ to stimulate interest in your product or service, inspiring readers to request further information – it is not the forum for great detail about your company or event.

So, press releases are important but they can be the last thing you need to worry about if you hire a professional to write them for you, taking one more job off your hands and freeing your time for more urgent matters.


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