Getting the Best Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

Everyone wants to get good value for money. At Prompt Proofing we’ve recently introduced changes that offer our clients greater options when it comes to spending money on content marketing.

As said in last week’s post, unfortunately you can’t have everything, “Fast, good, cheap – pick any two!” So it’s really up to our clients now to decide what works best for them. When requesting business or marketing content, including – but by no means limited to – press releases, our clients can now choose from our original, time-tested standard service or our new enhanced service which offers them more involvement in the writing process and more opportunity for feedback.

Yes, the enhanced service does generally mean a longer turnaround time, though that may often be considerably reduced if the client is quick to respond to emails. So how do you know which to choose? Consider the following customer profiles and you decide:

1. You want the burden of producing quality content, press releases, blog posts, etc., taken off your shoulders completely. You’re careful with your budget, not in a mad rush, and prepared to accept the document you receive. When ordering, you give us all the information we need, right on the order form or in your email (if you’re an existing customer). Your links work, so we don’t have to spend ages searching the Internet for the relevant information. You’re generally happy with our writing – as most of our customers tend to be – and, should you want to make minor changes, you’ll do it yourself. You place your orders either by email or by a quick phone call that gets straight to the point.

Our standard 72-hour service, generally our cheapest option, is perfect for you – in fact this service is clearly preferred by roughly 50% of our customers.

2. You want all of the above, but you tend to be someone who does their best thinking when they’re under a tight deadline, so you do want to work with someone who can produce reliable results quickly. You give us everything we need (as with customer #1), you’re happy with what we produce, but you really need it ‘yesterday’ and you therefore don’t mind paying a small premium to get it done ASAP.

Our standard expedited (24-hour) service is perfect for you.

3. It may be that this is the first time you’ve outsourced content writing; or perhaps you’d like someone else to do the bulk of your content writing but you want to be sure that:
a] they totally understand the nature of your business and the focus of your marketing (and you want to spend some time discussing this with them);
b] that they’ll perhaps do some extra research for you also; and
c] that you can look at the document they return to you, make comments and request small alterations.

You’re not in a huge rush – clearly you can’t expect: two or three emails/phone calls, a well-researched project, the chance to review a first draft, respond with comments, etc., and then receive the finished document, all in a 24-hour period! You do, however, want to remain in control of this project and you see the process as a team effort rather than something you happily pass over to someone else. You want value for money but you’re prepared to pay a little extra for additional involvement.

You’re the perfect customer for our enhanced service. This allows for two or three emails or phone calls before we start work. We may also have to search a little harder for the information we need to write this content for you. There may be multiple specific requests that you’d like us to include. And you definitely want to add comments or make changes to the first draft.

We hope this helps customers to clarify their needs and truly choose the best option to ensure they get the best bang for their buck!


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