Why vacations are good for you – and your productivity

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about shorter working weeks resulting in increased productivity and happier employees. Along the same kind of theme, we would suggest that vacations are good for the soul – and productivity. We are in the middle of vacation season yet there are still many people in North America, apparently, who do not use their vacation time.


So why should we take vacations? Check out the link below:

10 Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation


So why don’t people take their vacations? It takes us back to the North American work ethic that we talked of in our last post – an ethic that is rarer in Europe where mandatory vacation allowances tend to be far more generous.

So, if you haven’t taken a vacation this year – and no, long weekends do not count – get out there and get away from it all before the summer is over!



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