Why The Last Thing You Need to Worry About is Writing a White Paper

Does the idea of writing a white paper fill you with dread? It may seem like a daunting task but it’s one that will likely prove very worthwhile in terms of marketing payoff, particularly in B2B communications. A white paper is generally quite long – perhpas six-to-ten pages or more. It’s written in formal, business-style English and will explain the solution that your company/product offers to the readers’ problems in a fair amount of detail. So, yes, perhaps that does sound a bit intimidating… However, there is no shortage of help available online, ranging from templates and outlines through step-by-step advice – see a couple of links below, for example:

The Ultimate White Paper Template [Free Download]

8 Basic Tips for Writing an Amazing White Paper

It’s a little more difficult to outsource the writing of a white paper than it would be to outsource the writing of a blog post, web copy or press release, as it does require detailed inside knowledge of your business/service/product. A professional copywriter could help, certainly, but they would have to do considerable research, adding to the cost. If you want more help with a white paper than you can find online, your best bet is to draft your own – ensuring that the main points, including relevant details, are clearly set out – and then use a professional editor to  ensure that the writing style, format, etc. are all appropriate, giving it the finishing touches that will make it a professional and effective marketing tool.

Between the online help and the services of a good editor, writing your white paper should be a breeze – and the last thing you need to worry about!


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