A Propos of Nothing in Particular….

A blog post about nothing? (Well, why not? It worked for Seinfeld after all!) Seriously, though, if we’re honest, aren’t many days fairly humdrum – nothing of any great import happening? Most businesses have frantic times and quiet times but the earth-shattering events (or even the more successful highlights!) that stand out in your memory may not occur that frequently. Much of one’s time is spent on more mundane matters; not nothing, exactly, but arguably nothing to get too excited about.


morning in the office

Reflecting back on the past week, what stands out in your mind? The new customer you gained? An unexpected big sale? Did you launch a new website or a new product? Deliver an impressive presentation? Perhaps, in which case, congratulations! But perhaps, in fact, last week was a fairly humdrum week when nothing truly memorable happened. Nonetheless, the work you did was still important – quiet periods are the perfect time for small-business owners to work on promoting and marketing their brand, networking and laying down foundations that will lead to those exciting highlights in the near future! No time to do that? Well how would you like an extra day?



Yes, that’s right, this is a leap year and this coming Monday is the 29th day of February, a day that only occurs every four years. It could be seen as a bonus day – after all, in most years it doesn’t exist! With this in mind, this would be a perfect day to focus on all those tasks you’ve been putting off (too boring/too stressful/non-urgent, etc.). Procrastinators beware – this ‘extra’ day means there’s no longer any excuse! Make a commitment to use this Monday to focus on all the things you need to do to produce those gloriously scene-shifting moments in the not-too-distant future. Happy Leap Year Day – make it count!



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