5 Things to do in March Break


It seems like it was only just Christmas and now here we are ready for March Break! If you’re busy at work, you may well be wondering where on earth the time has gone. So, what will you do during March Break? Not sure? There are some ideas below:


1] Take a vacation somewhere warm


Work busy? No time to get away? Remember that vacations are beneficial and have been proven to improve efficiency. We all need to recharge our batteries; relax and take a break – your business will survive without you for a week or so and you will return to work feeling re-energized. (And if you’re really tired of winter, just think of all the vitamin D you’ll be soaking up!)


2] Take a vacation somewhere cold



See above for reasons to take a break. However, if beaches aren’t your thing and you love winter sports, there’s still more than enough time to hit the slopes and get loads of fresh air and exercise. Go for it!


3] Stay home and spend more time with your family




You don’t have to go away but, if the kids are off school, this may be the perfect time to cut back on your work schedule a little – even take a whole day off now and then and get in some valuable family time. (Again, should you be feeling guilty about this, see above for benefits of taking a break!)



4] Adjust your schedule


businesswoman sitting in a lawn eating a sandwich and reading a newspaper

You may or may not be taking a ‘real’ break but consider giving yourself some time each day when you’re unavailable – unplugged, office door closed, emails turned off. Give yourself an hour or two in the day when you’re just not available to others unless there’s a genuine emergency. Consider also working in some exercise or lunch outside to break up your day.


5] Do your taxes


This one may make you groan but there’s no need to wait for the April  deadline when it’s almost impossible to get help from an accountant anyway. Go ahead and file your taxes in early March – you may even get your refund in time to take that vacation after all…



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