Why Detail is The Last Thing You Should Worry About

The last thing you should worry about is detail, right? You’re feeling creative, waxing lyrical and on a roll – then you ask someone to read your efforts and, instead of raving about your wonderful literary style and the great job you did with your web copy or blog post, they annoyingly point out a typo or some incorrect punctuation. You may have little patience with this: “Never mind the detail – what about the big picture?”


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And – to a degree – you might be right. Certainly you want your readers to understand and appreciate the big picture. ‘Detail oriented’ – isn’t that something you’d put on a resume? Well, yes, it is – but for a reason. While the big picture is key, ignoring details could mean that your concept – and you – are not taken seriously. Details are important; some readers may be more forgiving than others in this respect but many will be irritated by typos and incorrect grammar or punctuation, causing them either to lose interest or even to stop reading entirely.


Nevertheless, we sympathize with the mindset of someone who doesn’t want their creativity to be stymied by an obsession with where to use a comma as opposed to a semicolon or whether they should use compliment or complement.




This is why proofreaders and editors were invented! As its name suggests, Prompt Proofing offers proofreading and editing in addition to its writing services. We can take your writing and focus on the very details that you don’t want to worry about, ensuring that your efforts are perfect in every way.

So there really is no need for you to worry about detail – simply get a professional proofreader to do it for you!


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