It’s All About LOVE!



February 14th may not appear very relevant to single people but in fact the day is really not just about couples any more, it’s about love. Love in all its forms, love for one’s parents, siblings, friends, classmates, pets – you name it – and, of course, love for a romantic partner. It’s also big business with almost everyone trying to cash in. But the key word here is ‘love’.



We bandy this word about with abandon, just as we do its opposite ‘hate’. We love chocolate and hate broccoli (or vice versa, depending on your tastes).chocolate I reluctantly admit to having claimed just this morning to love my new vacuum cleaner – how sad is that? Obviously we don’t really feel such deep emotions for food items or household appliances; at best we strongly like/dislike something. However, the word ‘love’ suggests a far more enthusiastic response and we do love enthusiasm!



As such we hope that our clients will love our newly updated website.


Launched this week, the site has a new look and is much easier to navigate, making it simple for customers to find information and place orders quickly. So feel free to visit our site and explore; you will notice that the word ‘love’ appears again on our home page: “Love quality content? We can help”. So if you do love – or strongly like – having quality content on your site and/or in your marketing materials, let us know just how we can help you. We also love our customers and enjoy helping them meet their content needs!




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