Why The Last Thing You Need to Worry About is Writing a Blog Post

Do you know that it would be good for your business, not to mention your SEO, to have a regular blog post on your website but you just don’t have the time? Or perhaps you could find the time but you’re not really sure how to go about it?

You can find lots of help online for writing blog posts. It requires a more informal style than the rest of your web copy and can be written just as if you were talking to the reader. Colloquialisms and jokes are fine and including images definitely helps. Readers love pictures; they really are ‘worth a thousand words’. Plus, lines of endless text without images are off-putting and likely won’t be read at all, completely defeating your purpose.


And what is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversation?”           june242






First, decide on your topic. No one knows more about your business than you do so you are in the best position to write a blog post about it. Also, if you write on a topic you’re passionate about, it resonates with your readers.

Next, just start writing! Your first effort may be repetitive, too long-winded and badly organized – or it may be perfect, in which case, congratulations! If it’s not perfect, however, you don’t need to worry – at this stage.




Now edit! Once you’re done with your first draft it’s time to edit. Read through your blog post – better still have someone else read it also. Does it make sense? Does it flow? Is it well organized with ideas arranged logically in paragraphs? Are there frequent breaks in the text with white space and images so that the reader doesn’t get bored? Perhaps most important – is it repetitive? If you’ve said the same thing more than once, be ruthless about deleting.







Lastly, proofread! This is not the same as editing. Now you are double- or triple-checking for grammatical errors and typos. A colloquial, relaxed writing style is fine – errors and typos are not.


If you’re still worrying about writing blog posts, let someone else do it. At Prompt Proofing we’ve written countless blog posts for a wide range of businesses that we knew little about before we started blogging. Nonetheless, once we’ve done our research, we can write an engaging blog post on just about anything; we’ve actually enjoyed learning about so many ‘new’ topics and business ideas as part of this process! If writing a blog post is the last thing you want to worry about, then consider hiring a professional to do it for you.



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