A Big Move…

You may have noticed that we’ve been MIA for a while as far as our blog posts are concerned. The reason is that Prompt Proofing – along with one of the managing partners – was somewhat preoccupied during May with a fairly major move, requiring us to prioritize completing customers’ orders over updating our website.


Prompt Proofing has moved from North Vancouver to Victoria, the BC provincial capital over on Vancouver Island. Not so far – as the crow flies – but involving a 90-minute ferry crossing over the Georgia Strait that complicated things a little. We’re glad to have been able to maintain business as normal throughout the move and to be now fully up-and-running in beautiful Victoria.



This causes me to reflect a little on moving and undergoing changes. They say that moving house is up there with divorce or losing one’s job in terms of generated stress levels and most people who’ve moved home would likely agree. Moving offices, of course, is a whole different situation – albeit one most people have  professional help with. But both require considerable planning and organization if chaos is to be avoided!


Professional help, however costly, is usually worth its weight in gold also. In the past, younger and perhaps more naive, we have managed comparable moves with less professional help – experience has shown that this is often a false economy. What is spent on using professionals can often be saved in terms of time spent and the level of inconvenience suffered, not to mention chiropractor bills!




Anyone who has moved home understands that planning, thoroughly, ahead of time is essential. My desktop was peppered with to-do lists and packing schedules for weeks before, during and after, and still there was something of a last-minute panic, or what I now refer to as ‘the Sunday morning from Hell’! Since the move also involved selling and buying of real estate and some major renos in the new property, the whole process has actually taken five months with many hiccups along the way. Assume that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – hope for the best but plan for the worst!


One of the biggest challenges has been ensuring some kind of normality, in one’s personal life as well as one’s business, throughout a process that can so easily become all consuming. It was all too easy to neglect friends (“Sorry, no time right now, moving – later…?”) and exercise and relaxation (“A yoga class? Seriously? That’d take almost two hours!”). Challenging, certainly, but making the effort and programming this in to one’s schedule is invaluable to minimize stress and optimize wellbeing.



Advice to myself – should I ever move again and, given my track record, this is quite likely – and to others who might be considering similar changes:

  • Hire as much professional help as you can afford; professional movers do charge high prices but they can pack your possessions in a fraction of the time it takes to do it yourself and they have the equipment and experience to expedite the moving of large items of furniture- important as you’re paying them by the hour! moving-truck-clipart-2Similarly, realtors do charge huge amounts of commission but – again – they have the contacts and expertise to get buyers for you and/or help you find the perfect property if you’re searching.
  • Consider using Frogboxes – or something similar – for your packing. Not only are these environmentally friendly but you save having to beg, borrow or purchase hundreds of cardboard boxes, only to recycle them later. They stack beautifully too!
  • IMG_1089
  • Remember that many companies and service providers require advance notice before they can make changes to your services. This is particularly important if you’re moving offices and need to ensure prompt installation of Internet and computer service. The more you rely on online contact for your business, the easier it will be as your email address and website URL will not change, though Internet service providers may require up to one or two weeks’ notice. However, changing your physical address does require forethought. We generally arrange for mail to be forwarded for at least one year; this takes the pressure off and gives us chance to update our details with even sporadic contacts. Here in Canada, Canada Post will do this for you with as little as three business days’ notice.
  • Estimate the total cost of your move – moving, real estate costs, new furniture requirements, temporary accommodation, then add at least 25-50% and you’ll be protected against most unpleasant financial surprises.
  • Embrace your new location and don’t delay making new contacts. Depending on the type and distance of your move, you may need to find replacements for everything from doctors and dentists to mechanics and plumbers. Always try to do this before you actually need them!


We should never be afraid of change – without change, there can be little growth (whether personal or business related). Moving, also, can be re-energizing – once when gets past the actual hassle of the move itself. Use any change as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and open yourself to new experiences.




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