Happy Groundhog Day


Tuesday is Groundhog Day – a somewhat whimsical tradition where predictions about the length of winter are made according to the shadow cast by a cute furry rodent. The fact that this tradition is often celebrated in parts of North America where, at the beginning of February, six more weeks of winter are pretty much a given, makes it even more bizarre. However, I digress! I was thinking more of the 1993 movie Groundhog Day where the unlucky protagonist, played by Bill Murray, is forced to relive the same day over and over and over again – until he finally gets it right. Of course, this is Hollywood but the point is that he does – eventually – get it very right indeed. However, to do so he has to gain insight into his life and make changes.Einstein

Can’t argue with Einstein on this one! If you want a different (better) outcome then change will be necessary. Something isn’t working well in your business? Change it! Your blog posts aren’t engaging readers? Change the format and/or content. Press releases aren’t getting the results you hoped for? Re-examine your distribution outlets and targeted audience. Consider the writing style – and length (less is more). Not getting repeat customers? Ask past customers for feedback to see where you could improve your services. Change can be scary but failure to change condemns you to a never-ending Groundhog Day scenario – without the happy ending!


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