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  • Writing

    Rates for writing services:

    Press Releases:

    Standard service - 72-hour turnaround - US$75

    Standard service - 24-hour turnaround - US$100

    (Editing of press releases written by Prompt Proofing - US$50)


    All other content writing services (blog posts, web copy, articles, white papers, etc.):

    Turnaround time from 72 hours -US$60 an hour

    (billed in 15-minute increments)

    Email us if you would like a quote for your writing project.

  • Proofreading or Editing


    Would you like two editors to proofread your content to ensure you and your organization are presented in a professional manner at all times? Request our proofreading services when ordering.


    Full edit: Would you like our editors to refine your content, rewriting and tightening up where necessary? Simply ask for a ‘full edit’ when ordering.

    Light edit: Would you prefer for our editors to complete a thorough proofread and also make some small changes to improve flow or clarity? If so, request a 'light edit' when ordering.

    Turnaround time

    Our proofreading and editing services can be completed in as few as 24 hours.


    Rates start at US$60 an hour, charged in 15-minute increments. 

    (US$75 an hour for 24-hour orders)

    We can quote on receipt of orders for existing clients and on receipt of a document for new clients, and we will honour our quotes regardless of the final amount of time taken.


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