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  • Writing

    Rates for writing services:

    Press release writing:

    Standard service - 72-hour turnaround $75

    Standard service (expedited order) - 24-hour turnaround $100

    Enhanced service (includes draft and increased client input) - 7-day turnaround $120

    All other writing services (blogging, web copy, articles, etc.):

    Quotes will be provided for all writing services except press releases.

    Rates start at $48 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments.

    All of our writing services can be completed in as few as 24 hours.

  • Proofreading or Editing

    Perhaps you want to have some of your current content refined, rewritten or tightened up?  We will review your writing and where we see room for improvement we will tweak the copy accordingly, including a final grammatical check. Simply ask for a ‘full edit’ when ordering.

    Or perhaps you would just like us to do a thorough proofread and also make some small changes to improve flow or clarity? Simply ask for a 'light edit' when ordering.

    Alternatively, you may just need to have another pair of eyes (or two, as we have two editors review every document that comes our way) to ensure your business content is communicated professionally and error-free. In this case, just request ‘proofreading’ when ordering.

    Our proofreading and editing services can be completed in as few as 12 hours.

    Rates start at $48 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments. We can quote on receipt of order for existing clients and on receipt of a document for new clients, and we will honour our quotes regardless of the final amount of time taken.

    Press release edits start at a flat rate of $60.

  • Think we can help you in another way?

    Just give us a call or drop us a line and we'd be happy to hear about your needs.


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