Tidying up those redundancies

One of the most annoying trends - both in speech and writing - is the redundant use of a second word or phrase that has the same meaning as the first. Mostly this is just a careless habit but the impression it gives is that we do not trust the first word to stand alone. Consider...
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Are you sure you want to change?

At Prompt Proofing we often  proofread or edit clients' writing and they are generally appreciative, reacting favourably to our changes. However, when close friends or associates ask us to take a quick look at their work, we sometimes encounter resistance to our suggestions: "Yes, it may be wrong but I want to be creative." "Oh, it doesn't matter about that." "Oh no,...
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Has ‘marketing’ become a dirty word?

Every month we write a post with marketing tips but we can't help wondering - has marketing become a dirty word for many small businesses? Big businesses have large - and expensive - marketing departments. They employ people with degrees in marketing whose full-time job is to evolve marketing strategies and take responsibility for the company's marketing...
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