Another Look at These Frequently Confused Words…


It may be time to take another look at these frequently confused words. Working on editing and proofreading, we naturally spot many of these on a daily basis; this is by no means an exhaustive list but it does cover those that occur most frequently. Below are the first five – check back next week for another five! You’re/your I blame social media for this one – there’s the temptation to throw spelling and grammar out of the window in the pursuit of haste! You’re  is the contracted form of ‘you are’. Your is a possessive pronoun meaning something that belongs to you. If you don’t bother with correct grammar in your formal writing you’re not going to make a good impression.   2.  They’re/their/there As above – they’ ...


Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing all of our Canadian clients a very happy Thanksgiving – hoping you get to enjoy a long weekend with friends and family!


It’s the middle of September, Happy Christmas!


No, we haven’t muddled up our calendars, or lost our marbles! For many businesses, this really IS the time to make Christmas plans; December (or even November) unfortunately is far too late. We all know that stores get well ahead with their planning – ‘Back to School’ sales start before school is even done for the summer and – in late August – we already spotted not only Thanksgiving (this was in Canada, where Thanksgiving is early October) but also Halloween themes. I’m pretty sure you could also find Christmas gift wrap and decorations already if you really looked!   What will your business do to celebrate the Christmas season? Are you planning a staff party? You’d better have already booked your date and venue! Planning to send your c ...