Words to Avoid in Your Business Writing

There are a few words that suffer from extreme overuse, not only in business writing but in writing in general (in speech too, for that matter)! They are best avoided when writing formally or for business purposes:
  1. good - as a schoolteacher years ago, I used to tell my students that there were two words I never...
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5 Marketing Tips for 2015

How did your marketing plan work out last year? See below for the first two of five tips that may help your marketing strategy be more successful this year. (Check back in February for tips #3, 4, and 5.)
  1. Focus on your customers' problems
Every business's service or product should fix a problem your ideal customer has. What are your...
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Grammar Tips: Does Grammar Really Matter?

Does grammar really matter? In this age of social media it would be excusable to think that grammar was an outdated concept that had no relevance in the modern business world - not so!

Despite appearances to the contrary, correct grammar is still very important, for two main reasons: Firstly, grammar clarifies. Incorrect grammar or punctuation can...
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The New – A User-Friendly Site with Easier Ordering

Happy Holidays from Prompt Proofing! As the holidays approach, we are happy to announce our new online home. As our fifth anniversary approaches, we've had a facelift! We are happy to announce the arrival of our new and improved website - - just in time for the holidays! We've been a bit quiet of late as we...
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